Commercial Hotel Cleaning, How, Why, Areas, Services, a Helpful Guide

Commercial Hotel Cleaning, How, Why, Areas, Services, a Helpful Guide

Clean hotels are important, and the management involved in keeping a hotel clean can be a headache, fraught with questions like where do I start? what type of cleaning do I need? What standards of cleaning are out there and many more.

So, we’ve done our research and we know, without question, that cleanliness is the number one top priority for hospitality guests and customer experience.

Let’s start with an overview of the most basic question of them all, then we’ll go into more detail.

What is commercial hotel cleaning? It’s a more thorough, high standard and industrial method of deep cleaning wholesale areas at once, designed to work around the busy functions of a hotel and often using industrial machinery and high-grade cleaning materials designed for fast deep cleaning.

According to research from facilities and building maintenance specialists Direct365, has found that 80% of people would leave a hotel if it didn’t meet their hygiene and cleanliness expectations. 

Why Are Clean Hotels Important?

Negative reviews on social media such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook concerning cleanliness could potentially lose any hotel a large number of future customers from using the hotel, not to mention discouraging current customers from visiting again.

Not only does unclean linen and towels, cobwebs on the ceiling, ensuite areas not cleaned to a high level or layers of dust on the furniture look unappealing, it can also cause untold Health and Safety issues which could potentially ruin the reputation which you’ve worked hard to build!

Did you know: Some of the highest offenders in a hospitality setting for bacteria are
TV remote controls and Telephones

Customers Demand Cleanliness

Customers have never been more careful where they spend their money. Hoteliers from prestigious and/or luxury hotel chains, to individual unique boutique hotels, or indeed anyone involved in the hospitality industry should be looking to go that ‘extra mile’ with regards to their standards and procedures.

It’s important for hotels that they maintain a high level of room occupancy and give their customers magnificent levels of service, a hygienic safe environment, and a super fabulous first impression.

Now we know the importance of maintaining a clean hotel let’s go over some of the main areas which require thorough services.

Kitchen Cleaning & Back of House Services

Having a sparkling clean kitchen is a necessity in offering a high-class guest experience. Although invisible to your guests, healthy happy dining experiences will ensure they understand you are offering a quality service.

A scrupulously clean kitchen is crucial to your reputation and to the success of any establishment is a professionally cleaned kitchen area, staff changing areas and canteens.

Much of the cleaning of general areas are often incumbent on your staff to fulfill. This can often interfere with their core activities and as far as benefits to the hotel are concerned, this often takes your staff away from providing the real skills for which you hired them. Of course, this is often a requirement when talking of the ‘end of serving’ periods and general cleanliness.

However, if your staff are fully employed for the position you hired them for, and some of the burdens of deep cleaning are taken from them, then they’ll feel more looked after, as well as being provided with the cleanest and safest areas in which to work, this will most certainly have a knock-on effect within your hospitality business, as happy staff produce even happier guests!

We use only top quality sanitation chemicals and cleaning products ensuring your Health and Safety standards are never compromised.

“Happy staff produce even happier guests!”

Having access to super highly certified workstations is essential to produce an outstanding dining experience for your guests.

A clean kitchen is so important to your chefs – and particularly important for your customers! And making sure your kitchen is serviced with a high level of attention to detail for cleaning is essential, giving your talented teams the freedom and security to produce their culinary masterpieces!

Having the correct companies like Otium in place to underpin your day and night management structure and to give you peace of mind is paramount to the successful day-to-day smooth running of your business.

It’s so important to have fully qualified and professional staff which will continue to provide you and guests with an exceptional level of service. Our staff are constantly undergoing rigorous testing procedures to keep up to date with new processes and development in cleaning methods.

Clean Windows and Floors

Your guests first impression is so important when they arrive. If they see sparkling clean floors and windows, they will know you have an eye for detail and will quickly come to the conclusion your hotel has the same level of superior quality throughout your other offerings.

‘Give your guests that all-important outstanding first impression to ensure they’ll come back time after time!

It’s important to use only the best quality cleaning products and our highly skilled teams of assessors will make sure you’re given a highly professional service to advise on many aspects on keeping your interiors looking as fresh and clean as possible.

We’re able to offer helpful advice on specialist cleaning requirements based in proven experience, and also on the restoration of your unique upholstery and furniture to maintain the prestigious look and experience for your customers.

As industry leaders, we’re always on top of any new developments, products and technologies and our fabulous team of highly trained assessors will ensure you are kept up to up to date as possible for this important part of your business

Advice on specialist cleaning requirements!

Front of House Cleaning Service

Your Front of House is the first impression your guests have of your establishment and to keep it looking fresh and inviting, we offer an outstanding cleaning service. We offer super efficient cleaning teams.

Our cleaning teams are always smartly dressed, with exceptional customer service and meticulous to the last detail when it comes to looking after your establishment. They’re highly skilled and trained in delivering a top class, behind-the-scenes service to ensure you are able to offer the best experience possible to your guests.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Tired and grubby carpets and upholstery can really let your business down in terms of engaging your customers to repeatedly enjoy your hospitality. Carpets and upholstery demand meticulous cleaning as usually experience a very large volume of traffic from both guests and staff.

We’ll ensure extra care, using our top quality cleaning products and procedures to give your staff and guests an establishment to feel proud of.

Special Hotel Cleaning Requirements

Sometimes you may have extra requirements above and beyond what your hardworking staff members can deal with. Maybe a one-off large event or to cover absences or to grow your business. Maybe you’re undergoing refurbishments, adding new rooms or maybe adding a brand new suite of rooms to your operations and are looking for quality members of staff to complement your existing team.

Our staff are always available to cover all your business needs and can guarantee they’ll have engaged on a site visit so they can understand how they can help you, be perfectly trained and exceptionally well groomed to seamlessly join your team.

We can also out source and contract out where more specialist services are needed. We can provide the following staff – but if you require other key members then do get in touch to discuss further. They’ll be given on-site training to ensure they understand the individual needs of your business, to give you a second-to-none service unique to you. We can supply the following:

  • Kitchen Porters
  • Dish Washers
  • Day and Night staff
  • Supervisors

Otium as Your Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Our mission is to provide all our clients with a thorough and Commercial cleaning quality service throughout the Hospitality industry in the U.K. Using modern technologies, established methods and the highest quality sanitisation products.

Alongside this, we offer top quality and highly skilled staff for all your Commercial requirements to make sure you continue to deliver a superior hospitality experience for your guests and enjoy those fantastic reviews that will ensure repeat business and ever more satisfied customers!

Why We Care about Cleanliness

Your hotel cleaning company are your partners, working on your behalf to maintain as high an occupancy rate as possible – in such a competitive climate. Working with you to wow your guests, by offering them quite simply the ultimate high-quality visual experience of your hotel.

With squeaky clean guest areas, rooms and catering areas which will guarantee excellent reviews, and more returning guests to keep your room hire reaching its potential and encouraging your guests to return and recommend, time after time.

With such an important task, you need the services of an outstanding, world-class Commercial cleaning partner, to ensure your exacting and high-quality service expectations are both met and superseded, with the high quality and professional Commercial hotel cleaning services we offer. Both in terms of attention to detail in both front of house, and back of house areas.

We’ll service your kitchens to an outstanding level of cleanliness and ensure your windows and floors are sparkling clean.

We also offer a comprehensive carpet and upholstery service to make sure your lounge and dining areas, stairways and guest rooms and all your interior furniture looks fresh, clean and inviting! Resulting in a higher volume of returning customers – which guarantees fabulous reviews for you and more and more new and returning customers!

We’re always here for a conversation, and always happy to have a free discussion to provide you with the benefit of our experience. So give us a call or email us and let’s see if we can help.

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