Innovation and Technology

Advanced Technology

The effectiveness of our approach can be monitored and reported on a regular basis so that you can be assured we are meeting your expectations. Our quality system provides a simple, effective and comprehensive solution for health and safety monitoring and accurate auditing information.

Use of robust handheld computers ensure that the user has accurate auditing information that relates to a specific location. When areas are checked, the handheld unit automatically records location and user, as well as time and date information, thus creating an instant and irrefutable audit trail. Also, the robustness of these handheld units means that they are ideally suited to use in varied environments such as these.

Clear Communication

Area Managers complete a weekly performance review sheet to make sure all aspects of your cleaning requirements are being fulfilled. To ensure clear and productive communication with you, our Area Managers are responsible for arranging weekly visits with your venue management allowing any issues to be discussed and resolved efficiently.

As discussed, operational teams are responsible for the completion and return of the weekly audits. This is a very important aspect of the cleaning process and lets both our clients and Otium Services to analyse the cleaning standards and operation in detail.

Innovative Ideas

We are committed to using the latest innovations, techniques, equipment, systems and training. Our focus is for your clients to experience a clean, safe and relaxing environment. We have invested and, continue to invest in getting the right equipment that is job specific for the leisure and hospitality sectors.

The machinery we use has a higher level of productivity with little or no chemical usage and sanitises floors to 99%.  The result being improved standards and significant costs savings to our clients.

As part of our innovative model for our clients, we provide every client with a personalised work schedule by operative. The schedule will be created by the Account Manager with the Area Manager using your specifications and SLAs.

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