Leisure Cleaning Services

Leisure Cleaning Services

Otium Services & Facilities Limited is a privately owned cleaning and support services company which provides specialist cleaning services to the leisure industry.

The Directors of Otium pride themselves on their direct leisure experience and knowledge having worked for and provided services to the largest and most respected leisure operators in the UK. With correct cleaning, work scheduling, job specific machinery and onsite training for staff, the Otium cleaning process will be more structured and time efficient. This will ensure by the end of month one the cleaning standards at your health club or leisure facility will be significantly enhanced. The provision of site specific training with time efficient operative scheduling will ensure that optimum performance will be achieved across your estate allowing us to clean better and faster.

Along with the best training techniques, our operatives enjoy using the appropriate and specifically chosen tools and equipment for each and every task to ensure the highest quality is achieved with superior time efficiencies. We will continuously review the cleaning provision to constantly implement best practice and provide you with an enhanced cleaning service. We welcome this opportunity to work with you, and join forces to make a significant, positive impact on your members experience and journey within your health club or leisure facility

Daily Cleaning


Working in conjunction with the manager of your facilities, we will establish an in-depth knowledge of your site in order to conduct our cleaning services to the highest standards to ensure that a clean environment is maintained at all times.

We will ensure that all activities and procedures take into account the essential requirement of the health, safety and welfare of all your members, guests, employees as well as our own staff. We are a unique company within the cleaning industry because we invest strongly in all aspects of the business from our greatest asset, our staff, to state of the art IT systems. We have a deep passion for providing cleaning that is second to none.

The success of our cleaning service results from a dedicated management team, highly qualified supervisors, well trained and fully qualified cleaning operatives and a quality monitoring process. We set demanding performance targets, quality control measures and management response actions to ensure continually high service standards.

Our key performance indicator (KPI) system is based on regular site audits that feed into a set of KPIs, agreed at the beginning of the contract. We review the KPIs at regular joint meetings at which minutes are taken to record any issues and planned action.

We are proud to offer a high quality, professional service that delivers excellent value for money. Our reputation is built on the fact we go the extra mile to make sure we always deliver the service we promise.


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