The Otium Way

The Otium Way

Otium Services & Facilities Limited is a privately owned cleaning and support services company which provides specialist cleaning services to the leisure and hospitality industries.

The Directors of Otium pride themselves on their direct experience and knowledge having worked for and provided services to the largest and most respected operators in the UK. With correct cleaning, work scheduling, job specific machinery and onsite training for staff, the Otium cleaning process will be more structured and time efficient. This will ensure by the end of month one the cleaning standards at your venue will be significantly enhanced. The provision of site specific training with time efficient operative scheduling will ensure that optimum performance will be achieved across your estate allowing us to clean better and faster.

Along with the best training techniques, our operatives enjoy using the appropriate and specifically chosen tools and equipment for each and every task to ensure the highest quality is achieved with superior time efficiencies. We will continuously review the cleaning provision to constantly implement best practice and provide you with an enhanced cleaning service. We welcome this opportunity to work with you, and join forces to make a significant, positive impact on your clients experience and journey…

Proactive weekly / monthly performance review meetings
  • Every client will have a formal, recorded manager meeting every week with their Area Manager.  The minutes will be emailed to the Ops Team before they leave site. The actions from the previous meeting will be checked.
  • The monthly meetings will be prepared by the Account Manager and will include key indicator score breakdowns from the Weekly Performance Reviews, trend analysis, team analysis, Health and Safety checks, procedural checks and a cleaning check. The analysis and findings will be discussed in the meeting. This will be a far better use of our clients management time.

The performance of Otium’s management is key to the success of every contract. Consistent, professional recorded meetings between Otium’s Management and the clients Ops team will ensure that the contract is managed in a very professional manner ensuring there is a strong engaged relationship between both companies.

Cleaning schedule and timecards, % number of hours spent per area shown in a pie chart
  • Hover over pie chart below to see example breakdown of percentages.

    A cleaning specification will be completed with each cleaning task timed and assigned to a cleaning operative.

  • Each cleaning task to be coded to an area of the club.
  • The codes will feed into a pie chart to show the percentage of the days’ cleaning per area.
  • The information gathered will be analysed and used to ensure all areas of the site get the correct cleaning time.
  • Individual cleaning operative time work cards will be produced and trained into the whole team.
All new equipment
  • Duplex Steam Machines copyVastly superior machines the cleaners will want to use.
  • Steam technology machinery that is almost 100% wider than the current machines which increases productivity by a similar percentage.
  • 95% sanitisation of floors.
  • No chemicals used on the daily floor cleaning.
  • Water saving.
  • Easy Operator use with full certified onsite training on use and maintenance.
  • Permanent onsite deep cleaning offering, gym, reception / entrance carpets and high footfall walkways.
  • Same day maintenance call out with a 98% first day fix.

This is the kind of investment and machinery our clients expect to help improve cleaning standards, save cleaning time and improve the visitors experience.

Otium’s teams will be professionally trained
  • NVQ qualifications in Cleaning and Support.
  • 12 modular unit training, with additional bespoke modules available
  • Externally provided workplace training over a 9-12 month period.
  • Qualified assessor visits every 2-3 weeks who will help and support the individual through their qualification, also giving advice and guidance on techniques.
  • Video support training for locker room attending.
  • Certified onsite machinery training including maintenance.

Otium’s cleaners will have the most extensive onsite training provided within the industry. They know who they work for and will be highly engaged on every contract. Our passion for our business and cleaning will shine through them.

There will be no better trained cleaners in the industry.

Increased periodic deep cleans at no additional cost

• More hours provided for the periodic deep cleans.

• Mould prevention/ removal – Mould can cause respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma and it can affect the immune system. It can particularly affect babies, the elderly, those with a weakened immune system and eczema.

• Mould in the showers is unsightly, costly and potentially damaging. Each club will be treated in the first month of the contract.  These cleans will occur every 6 months.

• Onsite hot water extraction carpet cleaning

These additional deep cleans will see massive improvements in areas where they don’t currently get the level of clean required. We will have an internal, dedicated deep clean team who will be highly trained on the chemicals, machinery and techniques required for this type work.