The Importance Of Process In Commercial Cleaning

The Importance Of Process In Commercial Cleaning

There’s much more to the process of commercial cleaning than meets the eye. When commercial cleaning is completed to a high standard, it typically follows a logical process. At Otium Services, we place an emphasis on efficiency. Our cleaners deliver exceptional results in a short space of time, limiting any disruption that may be caused on your business premises.

From our extensive experience in commercial cleaning, we have developed a framework that speeds up the process of cleaning leisure and hospitality premises to guarantee little to no disruption. It all comes down to doing the right things at the right time, in the right order. We’ve found that adding structure to our commercial cleaning services can drastically improve the end result and bring extra value along the way.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief overview of the processes that we deploy in our commercial cleaning services to deliver exceptional results for our clients in the leisure and hospitality sector. Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight in and explore the process of commercial cleaning.

The global pandemic has only increased the need for leisure and hospitality businesses to have access to commercial cleaning services. Otium Services can offer a cost-effective solution to commercial cleaning. Keeping your premises clean is going to play an essential role in building consumer confidence in this post-pandemic world.

Disposal Of Rubbish/Garbage

Before we begin any cleaning, we first need to focus on waste removal, taking out garbage bags, sanitising the inside of each bin, and adding fresh bin liners. The regular disposal of rubbish is essential to maintaining good hygiene on your business premises. If rubbish is left for too long, it may start to create an unpleasant odour that could linger in the air.

Dusting Above Shoulder Level

Once all rubbish has been disposed of, we start dusting anything that is above shoulder level. This could include anything from cupboards and shelves to ornaments and picture frames. It makes logical sense to do high-level dusting before low-level dusting. If you started with low-level dusting, the floor would end up covered in dust and dirt later on.

Damp Wipe On High Touch-Surfaces

We use a damp cloth mixed with a neutral disinfectant to wipe and clean all high-touch surfaces, including tables, doorknobs, countertops, light switches, and handles. We do, however, avoid glass surfaces whilst using a neutral disinfectant. This damp wipe is designed to remove bacteria from these high-touch surfaces.

Restocking Cleaning Items

From paper towels and toilet paper to handwash and soap dispensers, we regularly restock items to ensure these are easily accessible and available for customers to use. This is crucial to reducing the risk of bacteria spreading. From experience, if you make cleaning items available for customers to use, they will most likely use them.

Dust Mop on Lower Surfaces

Once all of the high-level surfaces have been appropriately cleaned, we move onto using a dry mop to wipe away dust and dirt from the lower areas of the premises. In doing this, we leave no stone unturned. Every corner of every room must be spotless and free from dust or dirt. 

Inspection Of The Premises

We feel it’s always worth taking a step back and inspecting the work that has been done so far. This helps us to identify areas that have potentially been overlooked or require additional cleaning. We won’t stop the process of cleaning until we are confident that the premises are presentable and free from dust and dirt.

Damp Mop

We finish the process by cleaning the floor with a wet mop. Naturally, any dust or dirt that was wiped from higher surfaces earlier in the process is going to have started to accumulate on the floor. When the mopping has been completed, we follow the regular safety guidelines and procedures to prevent people from potentially slipping or skidding on the floor.

Are you a general manager of a business in the leisure and hospitality sector? Discover more about our commercial cleaning services today.

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