Waste Management

Waste Management Services

Otium Services can provide wheeled bin collections for general waste and all kinds of recycling. We can provide skips, roll on roll off containers and provide junk collections as well as confidential waste, hazardous waste and many others service types. In addition to our own geographical coverage, we can also arrange collections anywhere in the UK through our approved network of partners based in strategic locations across the UK. Our goal is to minimise the use of landfill and to maximise recycling!

We are focused on sending nothing to landfill and can now recycle or recover almost all wastes including cardboard, paper, metal, glass, plastic, food waste and residual waste. We use the best facilities with the highest technological advantages when treating the waste we collect in order to completely remove landfill as a disposal option. This supports our on-going aim to increase sustainability across our customer base and maintain our commitment to using waste as a resource. Recycling these wastes helps the environment, improves your company image and can save you money. Contact us for more information

So please contact us on 01474 822144 to discuss your waste management requirements and we will happily help you reduce your reliance on landfill, recycle more and reduce your costs – guaranteed!


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General Waste Disposal



We are pleased to show you what forms the basis of our core service. Wheeled containers are very popular and can be used for mixed dry recyclables as well as residual waste / general waste.

We offer a comprehensive range of containers to suit your needs from 240 litre containers through to 1100 litre containers. All of these containers would be suitable for collection of compactable, non hazardous waste from any of following industries;

Range of containers
Lockable containers
Regular scheduled pick ups
Competitive pricing
7 days per week

Please contact us on 01474 822144 to find out how we can help you to minimise your waste and maximise your recycling.

Recycling Programme Planning and Implementation

waste-management-sliderEven producers of small volumes of recyclable material can do their bit! With our Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) service, we can allocate specially designated recycling containers for mixed recyclables. We encourage all of our customers to recycle as much as possible, with our free site audits, we can offer alternatives to increase your recycling and reduce your costs.


This type of service lends itself well to our wheeled bin collection service but can be applied to larger containers and bags too. Because all of the material collected is recycled and not landfilled we can offer a discounted collection rate.

Our specialised fleet will come and collect your Dry Mixed Recycling and take it away to be sorted and then recycled. Here are some of the materials you can recycle via our Dry Mixed Recycling service;

Plastics (inc shrink wrap)

All of our bins are identified as mixed recycling with stickers and green lids to help make sure your staff put the right waste in the right bins.

If you are looking for professionally managed Waste Recycling please contact us for free, impartial advice on 01474 822144.

Confidential Waste Shredding

shreddingOtium Services can offer a confidential shredding service to any of its clients. Depending on what the client wants, we can provide a number of different disposal methods including shredding consoles and bags. Our trucks can also shred confidential material on site.

We understand how important it is for your documents to be disposed of securely and correctly so we make sure that the disposal of your confidential waste is carried out in a secure and efficient manner.

Across the UK
Competitive Rates
Full accredited service
On or off site Shredding

For more information on Confidential Waste Management and our services, please contact us on 01474 822144.

Food Waste Recycling

We take great pride in making sure that we are doing all we can to look after the environment, local communities and to ensure that zero of the waste we collect will end its life at the bottom of a landfill site.


Food waste emits dangerous and harmful emissions, most specifically large quantities of methane, which is one of the CO2 equivalent gases that is increasingly destroying our atmosphere. In the attempt to reduce these gases, Simply Waste recycles all of the food waste that we collect using a method called Anaerobic Digestion. The waste is taken to a facility and goes through a number of different processes that turns produces electricity and fertilizer for surrounding areas. This diverts 100% of the waste from landfill and stops any poisonous gases from damaging the environment. You can’t lose!

This service is ideal for businesses in the hospitality industry or any business that produces quantities of food waste.

Otium Services will provide the “compostable bags” that breakdown during the composting process as part of the collection fee.

This service is only available on our two wheeled bins (as they get heavy!).


Drastically increase your recycling rates
Easy to use system
Removes harmful biodegradable waste from landfill
Helps prevent contamination to other easier to recycle wastes
Competitive pricing

Please contact us on 01474 822144  for more information on Food Waste Recycling and how we can help your business.